How to Find Inner Peace

Lately in my journey of personal growth I have started observing interesting phenomena, which has been most welcoming to me. Previously when I was told something which seemed unfair or just plain outright wrong, the thoughts in my mind would take over completely and rush to qualify the event and … Continue reading

The doorway to freedom

Peeling off the layers of human behavior is an insightful exercise indeed. This year, whilst working on my own personal development, I had the opportunity to engage in some pro bono coaching work with one of my close friends, which I welcomed gratefully as it was the perfect opportunity for … Continue reading

what does a day offers?

There are days and weeks in particular where things change very quickly and particular events compel us to grow and reflect in an almost urgent way. It’s almost as if our guardian angels are giving us a forceful nod to close the loops we’ve been delaying for a while now. As if often the … Continue reading

How to overcome your worries

"When a man realizes that his mind is part of Universal Mind, when he realizes that he has only to take any right aspiration to this Universal Mind to see it realized, he loses all sense of worry and fear. He learns to dominate instead of to cringe. He rises to meet every situation, secure in … Continue reading