Living for real

Perception is projection Every night, my sons and I spend about 45 minutes sitting and cuddling on my bed talking about everything from how their day went to what’s going on in their wonderful worlds. Last night Taariq told me that one of his friend’s parents are getting divorced and that he … Continue reading

Release your wish

In the past few days, I have been noticing my mind ‘wanting’ something so badly. My little mind spent days ‘wanting and pining’ for that thing. The more it wanted, the more restless and moody I became. So I decided to sit back and watch it to understand where this wanting was coming … Continue reading

How to Find Inner Peace

Lately in my journey of personal growth I have started observing interesting phenomena, which has been most welcoming to me. Previously when I was told something which seemed unfair or just plain outright wrong, the thoughts in my mind would take over completely and rush to qualify the event and … Continue reading