Hardest thing to bear Rumi Quotes


A sober-minded man said to Jesus, “What is the hardest to bear of all things in existence?”
He replied,” O (my dear) soul, the hardest is God’s anger, on account of which Hell is trembling as we (are).”
He said, “What is the security¬†against this anger of God?”¬†
Jesus said, “To abandon your own anger at once.”

Translated by R.A.Nicholson
Mathnawi IV- 113-115

The First Eighteen Verses of Rumi’s Masnevi

“The first eighteen verses of Rumi’s Masnevi are like an entrance to his great villa where he welcomes his guests and gives them the keys of the rooms without which the guests might get lost and falter in the corridors of his grand villa- the Masnevi. If you intend to enter the building, you should surrender humbly to the spiritual entertainment he offers at the entrance. The first eighteen verses are the summary of the six volumes of the Masnevi.”
Prof. Erkan Turkmen

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