Living for real

Perception is projection

Every night, my sons and I spend about 45 minutes sitting and cuddling on my bed talking about everything from how their day went to what’s going on in their wonderful worlds. Last night Taariq told me that one of his friend’s parents are getting divorced and that he reassured his friend that everything will be okay although it might be a tough road to get there. Rayhan on the other hand was quick to jump to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the father since this is already his second marriage and therefore his second divorce. He said “OMG! AGAIN? There’s definitely something wrong with that man!” Continue reading “Living for real”

The lament of Rumi’s reed flute

Sufi with Nay

Every Rumi quote is worth pondering over, but there are some which become our ultimate favorites, not just because they sooth our mind but our soul too. The impact it has on our hearts can completely change our approach towards life.There is one such Rumi Quote I have always been in love with, my favorite, which seems ever more mysterious with every read, ‘The Reed’. Yes, the  Reed!  “Listen to the reed and the tale it tells … how it sings of separation.”

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