How to Find Inner Peace

Lately in my journey of personal growth I have started observing interesting phenomena, which has been most welcoming to me. Previously when I was told something which seemed unfair or just plain outright wrong, the thoughts in my mind would take over completely and rush to qualify the event and tell stories about it, almost fueling the incident and making it seem bigger than it actually was. Invariably, this was followed by an instant emotional reaction where I could literally feel my insides contracting and lurching forward in resistance. This inner feeling almost felt like a raging fire craving to destroy everything in its path – it had a strong aggressive and violent element to it. 


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The art of letting go

Last night I lit a fire and spent a few hours just looking at it, listening to the sounds of burning wood, and the thing that struck me was how easily fire surrendered to the rest of nature’s forces. It let itself go completely in the direction the wind was blowing, with the submission of someone jumping off a cliff. Not a single ounce of resistance!


What I also realized is that as the wood started burning, it didn’t just burn on the surface. The wood was completely overtaken by this amazing natural element and started burning from within, with a passion and a desire to let itself go and accept its fate come what may.

As I listened to the quiet enchanting sounds of the crackling crispy roasting wood, I was reminded how nature, plants, animals, clouds and wind all surrendered, with absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever, in a manner of complete faith that is meant to be will indeed be.

I reflected on how we ourselves sometimes struggle to surrender – we fight the urge to let go for reasons ranging from the psyche’s walls, fear and self protection, the need to belong or simply due to lack of insight. But what we seem to forget is that perfection is already here within us – we are created by a force greater than our imagination can behold. A deep mysterious force that stems from purity and perfection itself.
Every single part of nature, the combinations of colours, textures, sounds, smells and plants, animals are all perfectly matched and balanced resulting in a flawless canvas of what life is, and what it’s meant to be.
The passion with which that fire burnt, the warmth it emanated, the submission of the flames all reminded me of what Rumi meant when he said that whatever we search for we already have, we just need to return to our souls to find the answers that reside in our hearts. The world is within us, as we are within it. We are made up of every single atom that makes up every single part of the Universe. We are One with the rest of Everything.
So surrender freely, trust what may come, believe in what is, and search for the treasures we are capable of finding. It is all out there… burning with a fire of passion and submission.
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Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb.

what does a day offers?

Rumi Quotes on reflection
There are days and weeks in particular where things change very quickly and particular events compel us to grow and reflect in an almost urgent way. It’s almost as if our guardian angels are giving us a forceful nod to close the loops we’ve been delaying for a while now. As if often the case, when those events happen, we react impulsively – sometimes failing to see the benefits behind them; although deep inside we invariably understand that this is a push in a better direction.
The great Rumi says “Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”
How true this is indeed! Life and the Universe are actually always conspiring to put us in the best direction. Every day when we wake up alive after having died the night before, we have new opportunities to do so many things; touch other people’s lives in meaningful ways, reflect on our journeys, create something new, learn a new skill, share our knowledge with others, and practice silence.
Seemingly unplanned events or challenges are actually priceless chances for us to become better versions of ourselves. Our initial reactions are most of the time driven by our psyche, but if we take the time to step out of ourselves and listen to our True Voice, we realize that our souls recognize those chances. Chances to purify ourselves. Chances to be happy for others, chances to be kind to ourselves. And chances to take one more step towards who we ultimately want to be.
 It all starts with gentleness of thoughts. In order to grab those daily chances to make an impact, we should practice gentleness and at the same time firmness of heart. Good luck with your day today.
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Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb