5 Quotes on Spending Time Wisely.

Since we are mortals here on earth, time is a limited commodity. Either you spend it wisely or not, the stock will soon be over. So let us use the allotted time wisely to gather some good moments or it will soon fade way.  The objective of spending it must be to create wonderful moments that will always stay in our heart. As old sage said, “Time and tide wait for none.”

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Tomorrow is too Late by James Allen

Virtue consists in fighting sin day after day. but holiness consists in leaving sin, Unnoticed and ignored, to die by the wayside; and this is done, can only be done, in the living now. Say not unto thy soul, “Thou shall be purer to-morrow”; but rather say, “Thou shalt be pure now.” To-morrow is too late for anything, and he who sees his help and salvation in to-morrow shall continually fail and fall to-day. James Allen

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Live in Now

Past and future are dreams; now is a reality. All things are now; all power, all possibility, all action is now. Not to act and accomplish now is not to act and accomplish at all. To live in thoughts of what you might have done, or in dreams of what you mean to do, this is folly: but to put away regret, to anchor anticipation, and to do and to work now, this is wisdom. James Allen

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