Embrace yourself

embrace yourself

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5 Quotes on Spending Time Wisely.

Since we are mortals here on earth, time is a limited commodity. Either you spend it wisely or not, the stock will soon be over. So let us use the allotted time wisely to gather some good moments or it will soon fade way.  The objective of spending it must be to create wonderful moments that will always stay in our heart. As old sage said, “Time and tide wait for none.”

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An Inspiring Poem to overcome difficult situations.

You can do as much as you think you can,

But you’ll never accomplish more;
If you’re afraid of yourself, young man,
There’s little for you in store.
For failure comes from the inside first,
It’s there, if we only knew it,
And you can win, though you face the worst,
If you feel that you’re going to do it.

Edgar A.Guest.
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Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Rumi Quotes
Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone;
For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.
Sing, and the hills will answer;
Sigh, it is lost on the air;
The echoes bound to a joyful sound,
But shrink from voicing care.
Rejoice, and men will seek you;
Grieve, and they turn and go;
They want full measure of all your pleasure,
But they do not need your woe.
Be glad, and your friends are many;
Be sad, and you lose them all,—
There are none to decline your nectared wine,
But alone you must drink life’s gall.
Feast, and your halls are crowded;
Fast, and the world goes by.
Succeed and give, and it helps you live,
But no man can help you die.
There is room in the halls of pleasure
For a large and lordly train,
But one by one we must all file on
Through the narrow aisles of pain.