The sincere prayer

One day, the prophet Moses saw a shepherd on the way. The shepherd was littering those words:
-“Oh, virtuous Allah! Where are you that I may be a servant of you? Let me wash your clothes. Let me offer you milk. Let me kiss your hand.”

That shepherd assumed that prayer and praying God would be like this.

Upon hearing the words of the shepherd, the prophet Moses asked:
“Who are you talking to?”

The  shepherd answered:
“The creator of us, the creator of the world.”

Prophet Moses opposed to shepherd saying that you are disrespectful to God.

The shepherd got too upset upon understanding that he was mistaken. He set forth towards to desert not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile, a warning from God came to Moses:
“Oh Moses, you departed our man from us with your words. Did you come to dose up people to us or to take them away from us? We look heart not of word. If the heart is respectful it is enough for us even if his word is not true.

Upon hearing that warning he just ran to the shepherd. Eventually, he found him and said to him:
“Pray God however you want. Don’t mind my words.”

The shepherd continued his way happily.

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