The Hero with Tattoo!

People living in Kazvin city of Iran used to have their bodies, arms and shoulders tattooed with the tip of the needle, following an old tradition and in a way not damaging them.

One day a man from Kazvin went to tattooist and said:
“I want you to tattoo me without hurting me.”

The tattooist said:
“Tell hero, what picture shall I draw?”

“My horoscope is Leo. Draw a roaring lion. However, draw it trying hard so that the ones who see it should be scared.”Tattooist asked:
“Which part of your body shall I draw it on?”

The man of Kazvin said:
“Between two of my shoulders. When the tattooist injected the pin in order to tattoo, his back began to hurt. He asked groaningly:
“Oh master, you killed me, what picture are you drawing?”

“Didn’t you want me to draw a lion?” the tattooist asked

The man of Kazvin asked:” From which part of its body did you begin?”

The tattooist answered:”I began from its tail.”

The man of Kazvin said:”Oh my friend let the tail alone. The ache of tail made me suffer. Let the lion be without tail. I am growing worse. I am about to faint”

The tattooist injected the pin in order to point another part of the lion without considering the pain that the young man was feeling.

The young manĀ  asked:”Which part of the lion is that?”
“its ear,”the tattooist answered.

Let it be without ears, the young man said.

When the tattoist injected the pin in to another part of his body, the young man began to whimper. The conversation continued like this:

“Which part of the lion is this pin for?”
“Its abdomen.”
“Let it be without abdomen. The pain I’m suffering is growing worse. Don’t inject the pin deeply.”

The tattooist was very astonished. Afterwards, he said by throwing the pin to the floor with anger:
“No man in the world might have experienced such an event. Who might have seen a lion without tail,without head,without ear? “He expelled him from his office saying, “Even God hadn’t created such a man”

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