Fighting for the same thing

Four men whose languages were different were friends. One of them was from Iran, another was Romanian, another was Arabian and the other was Turk. There four friends were walking around together. They had no money. One man gave them some money and he said:
“Buy whatever you want with this money”

The man from Iran said: “Let’s buy “Engur” with that money. The Arabian objected:
I don’t want “engur”. Let’s buy “ineb”.

The Turk said “No I don’t want “ineb”. I want “Uzum”. The Romanian said:

“Let alone those words. Let’s buy “istafil” with that money.

Thus, these four friends began to quarrel. Because they weren’t aware what each of them wanted.

While they were discussing what they would buy, a man who knows those four languages came near them. He witnessed the quarrel of those four friends. He asked:” What are you doing, what is the reason for this quarrel?

One of them explained the situation. the man said to them:

“Oh, stupid men, already all of you are taking about the same thing. “engur” means in Persian language “grape”, in Arab language, “istafil” ,in Roma language,┬ámeans the same thing. Why do you quarrel when all of you wanted the same thing.

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