Darkness: a mystery

Darkness glorifies light, because, if it was not for darkness the value of light wouldn’t have been known. It takes a dark night sky to know how beautiful and soothing the moon and the stars are. It needs a closed window to open, to brighten up the dingy room with the morning sun rays. Darkness is what makes the light so divine, beautiful and luminous.

People are driven by light, there is always a kind of curiosity and hope attached to it, but we overlook the fact that darkness has all the hidden mysteries of light and its sources. The mystery about the birth of light from darkness, what happened in the dark that a light penetrates through it? What made darkness lose its identity for the light to overshadow it? Darkness becomes source for the light, how is that it remains dark yet spreads light all over?


Reeney Jenkins

Within the darkness of a woman’s womb gestates a whole new human being; safe, chaste, angelic, innocent and pure until exposed to the light of the world.
Sitting by the fireplace, during winter, we may notice the wood producing flames, warmth and light, yet it remains dark. How does it manage to remain dark and yet provide light?!!! What happens in the darkness that it generates light and illuminates the universe? Isn’t this a mystery? It is not light that is a mystery but the darkness.  Yes! Darkness is a mystery. This may be the reason why lights, candles, lamps, etc. brighten the surroundings yet they remain dark at the bottom.

Dark is the place of diamond’s evolution, dark is the region of the oyster pearl, dark are the goldmines. Darkness has treasures, if unexplored it deprives us of all its valuables. Darkness prefers anonymity until it is explored, it chooses to be mysterious until an explorer introspects. It hides from the naked eyes until it wishes to be seen.


Ahamed Saffu

Darkness is a veil; it isn’t evil as most of us associate that with. Veil and Evil, the first assures solitude and the latter; scares us, it instills fear, though both the words consist same 4 alphabets but placed differently, defines darkness differently.

Darkness shouldn’t scare us; it isn’t fear, but, a thing which we ignore to explore, as we never risk traveling there alone. Dark paths aren’t usually traveled alone, for there lays a fear of being trapped or getting lost.

Darkness unveils itself only to those who dare to explore it. It takes a lot of courage to unfold the mystery and such paths aren’t usually traveled alone or without a map. Darkness demolishes its Identity when unveiled (exposed to light), thing in veil doesn’t remain a secret anymore.
These may be the reasons when the saints say, “Do not be afraid of the dark”.
As Maulana Rumi (r.a) says:
“Life’s water flows from darkness.
Search the darkness, don’t run from it.”

Written by Habeeba Sadaf

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  1. A very thoughtful yet inspiring wordz!
    This story of ur forces us to really think about the true value of darkness!good one habsi

  2. The dark creates fear because we cannot see what dangers may lay in wait. If we trust and believe that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, then the dark becomes a place of safety . Ego sabotages our thoughts creating fear. Stop the thought and the fear stops. Listen to the source within and let its light guide you through the dark . Namaste 🙏💜