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Gratitude & Appreciation

Life is good, life is supposed to be good for you.  If you look around you, there are more than a million things to be grateful and appreciative of.  Check out those trees outside your window, or the fact that you woke up and your heart was beating, or the fact that the sun came up this morning!   Stop and give thanks, pause for thought and be grateful that you woke up this morning and that you are breathing! It is well documented in his books and You Tube videos that Joe Vitale gave thanks for a ‘pencil!’  Yes, you read that correctly a ‘pencil!’  The reason why he was giving thanks for a pencil was that, he was at that time suicidal and he was grateful for the pencil with which he planned to write his suicide note with.

Thankfully, his life started to change as he looked for more things to be grateful for and he did not end up writing that suicide note!  I, for one, am grateful as it meant that I could learn lots from him.  I took his advanced law of attraction practitioner course and learnt some things from him that I didn’t know!  I’m also grateful and appreciative of the ho’oponopono meditation which originated with Dr. Hew Len, that Joe Vitale shared with the world and have used it with great results myself!  It is about taking 100% responsibility for oneself. Dr. Hew Len worked at Hawaii state hospital where people had killed, raped and murdered people and he wanted to work out how he was attracting these people into his experience, so he came up with this ‘cleaning’ mediation.  It’s about going into the sub conscious where the data is and cleaning it.

I Love you, Thank you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me!(ho’oponopono meditation)


Gratitude turns life into Gold

Once you know, you know, there’s no going back!!!

When you go on a journey with the Law of Attraction and alongside that a journey with Abraham Hicks & other numerous spiritual teachers, your entire world changes…there is vast knowledge in the understanding that we are all here in this ‘time-space-reality’ & that we are all co-creating together!  We are ONE.

You are the universe

The knowledge that you gain will put you in a place of alignment and clarity.  Never again will you look at the world in the same way, for you will have changed.  You will have changed for the better.  Your soul will have grown and expanded, your thirst to keep learning more about life and the fun you can have along the way will be palpable.  Never again will you get into a bad mood and not think of the fact, that if you don’t take yourself out of that place, you will get more of the same & really who in their right mind would want that?  You will start to look for that ‘best feeling thought’, a ‘better feeling thought’ than the thoughts you are thinking. Get out into nature, go to the beach, be at one with the Universe.

You will no longer or rarely react to people in the way you might have previously, perhaps with anger or a nasty remark back, instead you will have learned that all people and situations are powerless without your reaction.  When you give your attention to something, it grows, don’t feed a negative situation, let that stuff go!  Take ‘the path of least resistance.’  Go with the flow.  Life will be so much easier for you.

Don't get upset with people and situations.
Buddha Teaching

We are all connected Souls on this wonderful journey called life

It’s important that as you grow, you connect with positive uplifting people who understand your journey.  These people will become what we call your ‘soul tribe.’  You can help each other with the knowledge you’ve gained and touch each other’s lives in a way that before you went on this journey, you wouldn’t believe could be possible.  To feel the love, the caring, the compassion and understanding of where you are on your spiritual journey from your Soul Tribe will make your heart sing.  I for one, love my soul tribe with all my heart.  They are the most genuine caring people, they have a thirst not only for love & life but for learning, growth & expansion

Your vibe attracts your tribe
Your vibe attracts your tribe

Remember, YOU ARE WORTHY of love and a wonderful life.  We are all in this together, so let’s be kind to one another. Let’s help each other grow and expand. After all everything changes, nothing in this universe stays the same.

Your vibration equals your point of attraction, your state of being! Your vibration equals who you are!  Once you learn this, there is no going back.  Who you are is EVERYTHING!  Allow the full alignment. When you know you just know!  It’s pure alignment, alignment with Source.  There’s no going back!  The door is wide and open! Don’t go back to sleep!!!

“the door is wide and open, don’t go back to sleep” Rumi

Written by Allie O’shea

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9 Replies to “Expansive soul”

  1. I must confess, I am one who knew, then fell back asleep. But I am fully awake now that I found my “soul tribe.” This time will be different for me because now I have these new “like-minded friends.” I have people to help support me in my beliefs. I asked the Universe to give me lots of friends so that we could all support each other on this journey, and BOOM! There they were! I guess my vibe really did attract my tribe! Thank You Universe!

  2. Aloha Allie… beautiful piece, with lots of wisdom! One thing for sure is you can either “react” which is an emotion based reaction or you can “respond” which is a more thought out, heart based response! I am practicing “responding”, it is a much kinder way to respond to anything in our lives! BIG HUGz and much love and keep those words flowing for all to grasp tidbits of knowledge along our journeys! One more HUG!

  3. I love learning from the great teachers, Abraham, joe Vitale, Mike Dooley, Neale Donald Walsh etc! It’s like unlocking the door to a vast treasure chest! Every day I get a little bit more “tuned in” and it feels incredible good!
    Great story Allie! I’m so glad you’re part of my Soul Tribe!!!

  4. As a follower of Wayne Dyer who spoke about unconditional love and the endless list of blessings we have in our lives, I give thanks each day to the Universe for granting me another day in physical body, to draw breath with healthy lungs, to open my eyes and have sight, to have the use of my limbs, to acknowledge the abundance in my life. My Reiki principles are my daily prayer. Just for today I will not anger, just for today I will not worry, just for today I will be thankful, just for today I will do my work honestly and just for today I will be kind to every living thing. I keep my vibration high to match the law of attraction, it is the law of physics that thoughts really do become things. Always choose good ones .

  5. Great article Alle. I’m just starting on my jouney with all of this and am very excited! I’m ready for my life to change, my thoughts to change and bring all things possible into my life.

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