We are the sanctuary to eternal LOVE

There are so many things that I want to write about right now. Time, the wisdom of youth, the power of communication, relationships, love, silence, all those special people I met recently, unexpected gifts of kindness I’ve received continuously lately, my latest travels, the men I’ve loved, the softness of my children’s hearts, the fresh smell of green earth and trees, the soft squishy sinking feeling of mud underneath my feet, the blessings of good health & precious friendships and all the constant opportunities I am lucky to get to help others around me.

Where do I start? Where do I start when my heart is overflowing with love and happiness that words become inadequate to express gratitude. How do I explain in words that my insides are vibrating so strongly with light and positive energy in the present moment as I sit writing this. I feel drawn to a quiet space where I can sit and meditate forever in total silence.

Rumi Quotes
“The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you”-Rumi

A few days ago my amazing soul friend  sent me this Rumi quote “The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you”. Since then I’ve been thinking what to write. I thought and thought until this very moment where I opened my empty word document and started writing to you. I am not thinking right now as I write – I am just feeling. I am not thinking. My mind is not here anymore.

I understand Rumi’s words: the sanctuary is us – we are the sanctuary. Each one of us is a sanctuary of peace and light and love. WE ARE IT. We are the very thing we seek. It’s right here in front of us, inside of us, surrounding us, this clarity of LOVE which is indescribable by the mind. I am not thinking. I am only feeling as I write to you my dearest readers. I write with CLARITY of HEART. So blessed we are – so blessed we are to live a human life. So blessed we are to hear music. So blessed are we to smell nature’s gifts. So blessed are we to touch other peoples’ lives. So blessed are we to be born beautiful.

We are the sanctuary to eternal LOVE.

Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb

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