My journey with Abraham Hicks

Do you realize what an adventure this life truly is?  It’s the greatest adventure ever, we get one life and what you pack into it and the people you interact with along the way are an intricate part of that adventure!!

Abraham Hicks
Write your own story and trust the universe to deliver-Abraham Hicks

My life changed considerably 4 years ago when I discovered Abraham Hicks, I was on anti-depressants for over 25 years and didn’t really feel like I had a place in this world…then Bam suddenly it all made sense!  Sure, I had watched the Secret 10 years ago when it came out but once I found Abraham Hicks, everything changed!  How so, you may ask & what’s the big deal anyway?! Well let me take you on a little journey of how different my life has become and yours could too!

I read the books, lapped up anything to do with Abraham Hicks, listening daily to YouTube recordings and fully absorbing it all.  Just over a year ago, I went looking for anything to do with Abraham Hicks on Facebook and came across an Abraham group which I joined.  The group was set up by a beautiful couple in New Zealand named Karo & Vik & to them, I will be forever grateful.  It is called Abraham Vortex Villa. After I joined Karo, asked me to be an administrator for the group along with some other great people.

Everyone is a stranger until you meet them!!

Normally I don’t accept friend requests from ‘Total Strangers’ but one of the other women who is also an administrator in the group Jo-Lynn contacted me after sending me a friend request (which I had ignored – to me she was a stranger – funny how we have grown up with this mentality. My new mantra is Everyone is a stranger until you meet them!!!!)  So, after we chatted for a while, I accepted her friend request and that in turn opened my eyes that it could be ok after all & so the floodgates were open & I got friend requests left right and centre mainly from people in the villa or people connected to people in the villa.  My next friend request came from a woman called Bridget!  And so ensued a beautiful friendship……over the last year we became solid friends, calling each other through messenger and video calling all 3 of us together. The group is an amazing place, people who post there are positive souls on a wonderful journey, they understand Abraham Hicks & the law of Attraction.  I fed off this energy while buzzing and giving mine back too!

The villa and meeting place & your soul tribe

Inspirational Quote
Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen

In Abraham Vortex Villa we always talked about a ‘meet up!”  I just knew it had to become a reality………….so I set about manifesting it.

One day I posted a picture and a post about going on an Abraham cruise in the Villa with the caption…’who’s coming with me?’  Well of course lots of people said they would come but later that day I had a video call with Jo-Lynn & she said she would come on the cruise with me!!!  So, I talked about it with my husband, Paul & we didn’t really think it would transpire!  However, I was determined!!!!!

Enter Vision Board

Vision Board
Vision Board
Vision Board example
Vision Board

So, on my vision boards went Esther/Abraham, the cruise ship, palm trees, dolphins, beaches, beautiful houses, a picture with the Vortex Villa on it & lots more usual things one places on their vision boards. My vision boards are beautiful and so pretty!  They hang beside my bed and I see them every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep.  I realised my family may have to skip a holiday if I went on a cruise so decided to come up with an alternative plan….I still wanted to see Abraham Hicks and I still wanted to meet my villa friends…most of whom live in the U.S.A.  So, I set about manifesting a trip to the U.S.A. with my whole family incorporating Jo-Lynn who said she would drive from Canada to meet me & checking with Bridget to see where the nearest venue  that Abraham would be at in the Summer.  Within a week of creating my vision boards, I was booked along with my family on a flight to Los Angeles, staying in an amazing house in Malibu with a pool for 8 days, followed by staying in another amazing house in Vegas with a pool for 5 days & booked into an Abraham workshop in North L.A.  Wow this creative envisioning & manifesting really works! I was so happy!

Ready, Steady, Jet!

Fellow Abrahamers
Fellow Abrahamers

So, on the 1st August 2017 we set off for L.A.  We met Jo-Lynn & her daughter, Olivia, first at a restaurant on Malibu Beach!  It was so emotional and exciting to meet after all that time!  To be with another avid Abrahamer!!!!  Next Bridget came to the house in Malibu after work, again it was emotional and surreal. I also had been in touch with another couple from the villa Hector & Alison & they came and hung out with us and partied into the night with us.  It was amazing to meet everyone, a dream come true!

Fellow Abrahamers
Fellow Abrahamers

On the 5th August, Bridget, Jo-Lynn & I set off for the Hilton in North L.A. to finally see ABRAHAM HICKS!!!!  The excitement and the nerves were in full force, the fact that we were all going together made for even higher vibing energy!  Plus we were going to meet another lady Elizabeth & a few others from the villa & Facebook that we knew through the Abraham connections! It was pretty electrifying!!

Enter Esther Hicks who channels Abraham (Abraham has described themselves as a ‘group consciousness from the non -physical dimension’)!  Wow, she was radiant and funny and beautiful.  It was mesmerizing to watch her talk in reality after watching her & listening to her on YouTube for so long, to see her mannerisms in real time & hear her cracking jokes put everyone at ease!  It was totally surreal.  She took ‘hot seaters’ questions & answered them all, it was pretty mind blowing stuff!  The time went by in a blink of an eye.  During the workshop, I turned to Jo-Lynn & said – wow – ‘She’s on my vision board!!! Vision boards work!’  There you have it, pretty much everything on my vision board became realised during that trip, leaving me gobsmacked!  Later after the workshop we met up with another one of the women, Tara, from the vortex villa admin team for lunch & spent the rest of the day with a group of us hanging out together, talking Abraham and Law of Attraction Stuff. Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Abraham Hicks tour
Leading  edge

And so, it has changed my life in so many ways, from the way I interact with people, to who I choose to spend time with.  I no longer wish to have negativity or negative people in my life, I don’t watch the news or read papers & dwell on the bad things that occur in the world.  Instead, I choose to look for things to make me feel happy. I am more grateful than ever for everything I have & feel very blessed.  I understand the law of attraction & understand that thoughts become things, so I try to choose my thoughts very carefully.  I even did Joe Vitale’s advanced law of attraction course and am an advanced law of attraction practitioner & teach workshops in my hometown of Bray in Ireland.  If there is a negative situation I find myself in, I try to look for the positive reason for its being.  My Facebook timeline is only filled with positive posts & people.

The biggest breakthrough of all was in February because of all of this I was able to come off my anti-depressants & be completely medication free because all of this showed me I could live life & be a happy, more positive person without them!  It is a wonderful time to be alive & to be standing on this leading edge of Co-Creation!!!

What a wonderful Time/Space/Reality we all live in! Appreciate & be grateful every day!

Love and be Loved.

“With life as short as a half-taken breath, do not plant anything but love” Rumi

Written by Allie O’Shea

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26 Replies to “My journey with Abraham Hicks”

  1. Amazing manifesting Allie!!❤️ I was so Happy to be apart of this incredible trip! We had so many great experiences and I am so fortunate to have you as such a dear and loving friend!! #hdigabtt!

  2. I’m am so filled with joy!!! I want to get off my meds too!! I’m making a vision board right now!! How do I sign up to become a practitioner? I love you Allie!! Thank you for joining my journey and sharing light!!

  3. TRULY WONDERFUL Allie … thanks to this TIME SPACE REALITY with its PRESENT TECHNOLOGY we can reach others and SHARE this AWARENESS of the ILLUSION we all are CREATING!!! And EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING we WANT by our FAITH in FOCUS and KNOWING!!! NAMASTE 🕉🕉💕💕🕉🕉

  4. We are all co-creators in this lovely journey we share. The true understanding of L.O.A superseedes all dimensions and reinforces the foundation that we are all ONE in this time, space and reality.
    A lovely write up Alie.

  5. Beautiful! I could picture it all in my mind. 💖
    Thankyou for taking me on a journey this evening. Much love to all 😍😍😍

  6. So great to read your story Allie and I loved the pictures of the big trip a second time around!! I find immense support from knowing you’re all online and the co-creators are some of the best people I’ve come across. I’ve tried all sorts – church, therapy, encounter groups, philosophy, therapy, medication to name a few – but Abraham Hicks has been going strong for me for over 2 years now and my life and my self has transformed in a way it never did before. Amazing for someone who was ready to give up on everything to be honest. Good for you!! Xxx

  7. Great to read co-creators stories Allie! I’ve tried all sorts of things and so far Abraham Hicks is sticking around … not only does the information work, those around us are unstintingly positive and supportive in a way I find is rare and SO precious ❤️

  8. Amazing life, thank you for sharing and I know how it works, you are part of the working. I enjoyed your joy, I felt your enthusiasm and love for Abraham teaching. I love her choice of words as well. Beautifully written. Wonderful site to be part of.

  9. You go girl! I live in south of Aust and love Abraham Hicks too – getting myself back to Vision boarding again. <3

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