Bayazid Bastami on realization

Bayazid Bastami,a Sufi mystic, has written in his autobiography,
“When I was young I thought and I said to God, and in all my prayers this was the base: ‘Give me energy so that I can change the whole world.’ Everybody looked wrong to me. I was a revolutionary and I wanted to change the face of the earth.


“When I became a little more mature I started praying: ‘This seems to be too much. Life is going out of my hands–almost half of my life is gone and I have not changed a single person, and the whole world is too much.’ So I said to God, ‘My family will be enough. Let me change my family.’

“And when I became old,” says Bayazid, “I realized that even the family is too much, and who am I to change them? Then I realized that if I can change myself that will be enough, more than enough. I prayed to God, ‘Now I have come to the right point. At least allow me to do this:
I would like to change myself.’

“God replied, ‘Now there is no time left. This you should have asked in the beginning. Then there was a possibility.’”

Rumi Quotes in association with Habeeba Sadaf

4 Replies to “Bayazid Bastami on realization”

  1. So u mean to say that those souls who have missed the bus in their youth in this lifetime r doomed? They will not get a chance to evolve?

    1. Latika I believe the story tells us that we should always be engaged in internal transformation (change myself) instead of external transformation (world/family). You could also say that there was arrogance or a blind spot in play here because he wanted to change the external not seeing the change needed in the internal.

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