True Freedom

I would like to share something with you. Since I was 4 or 5, I had an inner sense within myself that there is something beyond. My inner being vibrated with excitement with that knowledge, and words cannot describe the longing in my heart that I felt. Then I grew up and forgot it all.



However, my most recent trip to London highlighted to me even more than ever before that the past belongs to the past. There is no place for nostalgia for a time that has gone by, a movie that has been watched and special effects that have past their initial excitement.

We so often define ourselves by our past, by the narratives we cling to, we wear the hard times we went through like a gold medal and become proud to talk about them as if that is what defines us. But what we sometimes forget is that RIGHT NOW is the only time that defines us. Right now is the only time we can choose who we are or what we want to represent.

Past events are only a series of experiences that serve to propel us further. But the direction we take is ours and is defined by the NOW. My present now is the amazing friends I got the privilege to meet during my visit, the bonds that I know are long lasting no matter what. The present now is the fact that I no longer own the house in which my kids grew up in, a house I spent years making a home. My present now is the strong courageous being I have become and still becoming. My present now is being alive, beautiful parents and grandparents, much loved siblings and those two little precious souls that accompany me in my life on a daily basis.


I will go a step even further and say that the identity we give ourselves TODAY is also a constructed concept. The trick is to accept that we have no fixed identity, these are only labels and names we use. If we strip down everything we realise we are free souls, free light sourced from the Universe. And it is the precise moment we stop taking ourselves so seriously, that we acquire freedom. It is when we realize we are NOTHING, not a man, not a mother, not a sister, not an accountant, not the son of so and so etc. when we are finally free from all concepts and beliefs, that we become free.

At that moment, life becomes playful. We continue to live in society and play the theatrical role to fit in, but we live with awareness and a sense of freedom which is unquantifiable. We are then truly able to relish beauty, we hear music everywhere, we see beauty everywhere, we live with clarity. This is true freedom.

Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb.

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2 Replies to “True Freedom”

  1. Worn out story lines really prevent making any fresh insights. It's good to examine the past and reflect ways to change unnecessary behaviors but to live in the past or to live in future exclusively seem to cut us of from any real inspiration drawn from the present moment Thanks for pointing this out in today's posting.

  2. I feel I have lived 10 or 20 lives in my relatively short time on this Earth.
    What’s different this time is the vast amount of energy made available for personal change and introspection.
    Not sure that was always the case in my parents’ and grandparents’ eras?
    As we become closer as a planet and we recognise our personal selves in people in far away places and climes, answers become available not possible before. Individually we are much deeper than the places we were born in and Now we march toward a kaleidoscope of possibilities that were never available to our planet while locked in isolated but unique cultural streams.
    I believe in the Hopi legend of the Rainbow Nation of the future, when all colours blend as One and the universal collective heritage is manifested in individuals in its infinite potential. Then, our planetary Now will be formed of a collective music of enriched individual destinies, a cosmic tapestry of merged cultural streams without fixed beginning but flowing toward a Planetary End beyond measure!

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