5 Quotes to keep as Reminders

No one is perfect and there are things in us that we want to change consciously  but sometimes we slip into the old pattern of living.
The following list of quotes may help you to remind that you are in a new direction.

#1 On defeat

If you are alive, obstacles are always in front of you. Every failure is a stepping stone to success. Go through them and find abundance.

#2 Living in the present moment.

All worries we have is either the result of thinking about the past or future. Make plans, break it down in to small chunks and concentrate only on what we have to do now.

#3 Mistakes

Pursue whatever interests you. See every set back as feedback. Enjoy life and live it fully.

#4 Stay on the course

Patience is a virtue. Don’t stop in the journey of finding yourself.

#5 The odd one

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