5 Quotes on Spending Time Wisely.

Since we are mortals here on earth, time is a limited commodity. Either you spend it wisely or not, the stock will soon be over. So let us use the allotted time wisely to gather some good moments or it will soon fade way.  The objective of spending it must be to create wonderful moments that will always stay in our heart. As old sage said, “Time and tide wait for none.”

#1 Focus on simple things.

Carve out time to spend with family or friends because when we  get old, we won’t remember the hours we spent at the office.

#2 Being on purpose

As Seneca advised reckon at the end of the day, where you have spent your time to find out pitfalls and correct them.

#3 No Regrets

Sometimes we fall, but that must not  hold us to go forward. Break the invisible chain and move on.

#4 Plan

Let us be complete.There is no point in being superior in one area of life and not in another. Live it fully.

#5 Good Memories

Got a bucket list? If not, please create one and do it fully. When we move to another world, let us leave with no regrets.

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