The Taste of Freedom

Once you have made the choice to remove yourself out of a box, and have tasted freedom of heart and mind, you will probably not want to get back into another box.

You have learnt by now that boxes are not for you, that boxes give the illusionary sense of safety that we humans seem to crave for. But the bottom line is that a box is still a box – and if you are the free kind of spirit, then no matter how large the box is, it will never be enough for you to spread your wings.

Lately I’ve been thinking about this concept. I found it interesting how others feel the urge to fit us in their boxes – convincing us that their boxes are the safest and most secure ones that we’ll ever come across! I have also realized that for some reason people like to catch butterflies to look at them because they are pretty – not understanding that the very thing that makes butterflies beautiful is the very fact that they are free.

Why do others feel compelled to fit us in their frames of reference? Why can’t people leave us to live the way we want to live – after all it is our freedom that attracted them to us in the first place, yet they want to own us by creating boundaries designed by themselves. Very often it’s done under the pretext of caring and love – but all of this boils down to people’s self-seeking needs to have a part of us for themselves – the parts that suit their purpose.

I have written about empaths before. Empaths attract others because of their positive energies and caring natures. Empaths are naturally free – this freedom is hard for some to understand because they feel the need to fix things which do not require fixing. As a result of this, empaths suffer constantly from the demands of others. It is painful to say the least, and even though we have the choice to remove ourselves from those demands, we care enough to give people more chances than they deserve.

Unfortunately, many people think it’s their right to be given chances! Worse still… they don’t even realise they’ve been given chances! They have been accustomed to being treated with more compassion than they are worthy of. And that’s when people like me finally walk out – because we’ve decided that getting back into anyone’s box is never going to happen again.

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