The Delightful Game of Life

As I pulled out of my driveway this morning, I noticed a man in uniform, with a green bucket filled with water and some cleaning rags, wiping the parking access barriers. Since this morning was a school run, I exited quickly and did not even have a chance to look at this man’s face.

However, as I drove out of my community, I could not help but notice the neat landscape, the colorful splash of flowers planted on the roundabouts, the rows and rows of palm-like trees on every single alleyway, the cleanliness of the community, and perfect balance of architectural milieu this community offered. My thoughts came back to the cleaner and I said a silent prayer of gratitude for him and for every single person who helps make this community a wonderful safe and cozy place to live in.

Every morning, on our way to school, I ask the boys to pick a card each from a deck of mini self-mastery cards that I keep in the car, and every morning we spend a few minutes discussing these concepts. Rayhan, my little one picked a card on “DELIGHT” this morning, and as he read it out, it struck my mind that delight or the possibility to be delighted is everywhere around us. Rayhan said to me that there is no reason not to be delighted all the time even in moments of sadness, because ultimately we have everything we could ever need.

As spiritual beings going through a human experience, this statement was perfectly right. What more can we need when everything is right here at our beckoning. Even moments of sorrow are a part of this human experience and holds beauty in the fact that it fits into the wider narrative of humanity. If we look at the whole, we see an immaculate canvas of life playing itself out in seamless synchronization.

I reflected on the cleaner who keeps our entrance spotless, the gardeners who ensure the landscape remains fresh and immaculate, the workers in the community supermarket who serve us daily, the barber who cut my children’s hair just yesterday, the pharmacist who is always ready to help and advice – I realized how beautifully we all fit into one whole existence. How delightful all this wonderful game of life is!

In essence, our spirits are given the opportunity on a daily basis to witness life in the human form, with all its humanness and imperfections. If only we are able to dissociate from our attachment to our human identities, we can all start seeing life for what it is – a delightful and intriguing play of characters and events and happenings at one specific point in the present time of this vast universe.
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