Walking through Pain

It turns out that we are in control of absolutely nothing. Whatever pain and suffering we have to go through we have to bear it with patience and humility.

To feel pain in its truest and purest form, we must accept and surrender completely, so that we may allow ourselves to feel it to its utmost depth, until we feel every little sharp cut in our hearts. It is pointless trying to hide from pain, as it invariably comes back to you eventually – and usually with a passionate vengeance.
So as part of cultivating our intelligence and building the strength to walk through all the windstorms that life sends our way, pain can be an opportunity for us to develop emotional and spiritual muscles along an unveiling journey. After all, it is through pain and suffering that we learn to grow a deep heart.
It is said that out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls, and that the greatest characters are seared with scars. We are healed of grief only by experiencing it to the fullest. So in beautiful silences and immense patience, we continue our journeys.
As Rumi says;
“If you desire healing,
  let yourself fall ill
  let yourself fall ill.”
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Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb.


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