The Art of Keeping Memories

Every single moment is exquisitely precious and unique, and many times those wonderful moments come and go in a flash. Those same moments of intense emotion and appreciation are what keeps us alive, and although the present time cannot re-created, they can be journaled and somehow recorded.

Why? It’s simple. Journal writing is one way to digest and make sense of memorable events, places and people. Our minds are so constantly busy ‘doing’ that it is easy to forget or lose track of the places we’ve travelled to, or remember things we’ve seen and sounds we’ve heard. Writing is therapeutic, because instead of ‘doing’, it allows us a moment to just ‘be’ by putting on paper our perceptions from the present moment. Journaling facilitates the enjoyment of the NOW. 

Journaling is a great tool for self-reflection because when we write, our hearts and minds become automatically more open and receptive, and what translates on paper ends up being authentic and real and unabridged and unedited – just pure real heartfelt thoughts and emotions. A lot of times when I went back on my writing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and inspired by the clarity that translated on paper.

Journaling is easier than you imagine – anywhere and anytime is the order of the day when writing – on the train home, just before you sleep or even at the beach or on top of a mountain. The trick is to let go of the inhibitions of the mind and write freely. Our feeble busy minds do not always allow us to remember beautiful things – writing allows us to record those unique moments and forms an intricate part of our spiritual growth.

So write generously, write as much as you can and whenever and wherever you can. The more we write, the more we free our minds to explore more undiscovered spaces.

Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb.

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