Rumi quotes on the grief of the dead

That captain of mankind (The Prophet,pbuh) has said truly that no one who has passed away from this world

Feels sorrow and regret and disappointment on account of death;nay, but he feels a hundred regrets for having missed the opportunity,


Saying (to himself), “why did not I make death my object-(death, which is) the store-house of every fortune and every provision-

(And why),through seeing double, did I make the lifelong object of my attention those phantoms that vanished at the fated hour?”

The grief of the dead is not on account of death; it is because (so they say)”we dwelt upon the (phenomenal) forms,

And this we did not perceive, that those are (mere) form and foam, (and that) the foam is moved and fed by the Sea.”

From Masnawi VI-1450-1455
Translated by R.A.N and simplified by Saim Kayadibi


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