In Search of One

The value of choosing to be alone is not one that everyone can understand. A lot of people misunderstand it as being unsocial, or reserved, or shy or lonely. But being alone doesn’t mean you don’t want company – it only means you need time to recharge your batteries. Recharging is an important part of rejuvenating your biological, mental and emotional cells – above all your spiritual cells.

You see…. Being alone gives you the space and the time to observe the ripples in the water, it allows you to see how each little ripple is connected to a wider circle of life… all moving in an endless circular motion, reflecting the nature of the universe – as everything in the universe spins in a circular motion. A seamless circular movement in which one can get utterly lost and entranced in its perfection.

So there are a few things which came to my mind recently. First of all it’s the acceptance that not everyone is heading in the same direction spiritually. I mean of course I knew that intellectually, but I guess I always assumed that eventually every single person out there would consciously or unconsciously seek to move to the ultimate direction which we are all magnetically pulled towards – the Ultimate Universal Source.
But it is not the case. Many of us are lost in our own little bubbles of the surface reality we’ve created for ourselves that we have forgotten the capacity to seek for higher meanings. Age it seems is not a determining factor after all – one can be old in age but oblivious at heart. The mind plays very clever games with us – it sometimes leads us to believe that changing our thoughts is enough – but actually even our thoughts are part of the psyche, which is in itself a part of the larger subconscious. So imagine if we were able to see behind the psyche?
The second thing I realized lately is that two spiritual seekers can be seeking the same thing, but in completely ways, from completely different angles. So it made me question… is seeking primarily from the heart, or from the intellect? Is the heart first that matters in the process seeking, after which the mind follows suit. Or is it the other way round? I seek from the heart, but maybe I am wrong and casting an incorrect judgment on those who seek differently from me. I guess there is no one single way of seeking.
Someone I know recently said to me that he is seeking too – yet his search and his methods seem completely different to mine. However the one thing that we do have in common is the willingness to understand what our minds alone cannot comprehend. And that is unmistakably recognizable from miles. The Aware are easy to spot amongst a crowd of colour. So my next goal is to learn other methods of seeking from different types of seekers. Now that I am conscious that there is no one way, or a specific age, or a specific time or place. The only thing that matters in true seeking is purity of heart and Awareness.
Finally the last thing I realized is that a true seeker can never remain too long in the company of a non-seeker. They can cross paths and befriend each other temporarily, but eventually the one questing for something of a higher purpose will have to move on and leave non seekers behind. It is the nature of life. A seeker craves for silence, craves for the mental, emotional and spiritual space that will allow them to understand.
And with that, I continue my search.

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