I Long to Hear You

Oh dear silence, why are you so ephemeral? You never seem to linger long enough for me. Yet I know you are so close by, sometimes behind those beautiful flames of the fire I watch so often, in the starry skies of cool nights I spend hours gazing at, in the poetry of the sweet melodies I listen to, in the soft hues of the colours that adorn the sky at sunset and behind the soft smiles of those beautiful people who are at peace.

Stop escaping me through the myriad of daily distractions which cloud my mind and my heart. The noises of everyday life, the fears of how to fill empty spaces; you had promised me peace, you had promised to meet me halfway and yet I’m still searching for you. I long for your sweet comfort and I miss the calmness and clarity you bring me.
My heart seeks for you my loyal companion. Today I feel love for you again, it is limitless and infinite. I want to break and fall in your arms like petals of a rose fall so carelessly from its bud. Every cell of mine desires to see you, please come close to me. My yearning for you is greater than any other wish of mine.

Oh dear silence, I urge you to save me from the shackles of those worldly chains that bind me so strongly. My heart is worried and my patience is wearing thin. For the millionth time I beg you to let me be the water riding your waves, please come save me from the tears that threaten to engulf me. Dearest Silence, I’ll be waiting for you my dearest companion as you are my only journey and destination.

Rumi Quotes in association with Nasseema Taleb.
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