Hocus Pocus Focus


Focus ONLY on what you do want

It’s time to shift your perspective!  Everything is really two things…what on earth does that mean?  Equals and opposites, positives and negatives, the same goes for every thought that you’re having.  If you want more money for example, are you focused on the big fat zero sitting in the balance of your bank account or are you focused on the other abundance that you have in your life?  It’s like a video I posted earlier on Facebook this week in my ‘Law of Attraction – Create your Own Reality’ group, in which I addressed the fact that we all have something in our lives to appreciate.  Appreciation is the same vibration as Love, (this blows my mind btw!) & when you find things to appreciate in your life, your life becomes seemingly ‘magical! Continue reading “Hocus Pocus Focus”

68 Seconds to Manifestation

How do you hold things in your vibration & what does that mean exactly?

First & Foremost what you are is ENERGY!  You are made up of atoms, which are made up of subatomic particles. What are subatomic particles? ENERGY!  You are like a magnet, literally attracting the people, things, ideas & circumstances to you that vibrate & resonate at the same energy frequency as yours. You are a powerful creator and you are creating your own reality in every moment in time. Continue reading “68 Seconds to Manifestation”

Living for real

Perception is projection

Every night, my sons and I spend about 45 minutes sitting and cuddling on my bed talking about everything from how their day went to what’s going on in their wonderful worlds. Last night Taariq told me that one of his friend’s parents are getting divorced and that he reassured his friend that everything will be okay although it might be a tough road to get there. Rayhan on the other hand was quick to jump to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the father since this is already his second marriage and therefore his second divorce. He said “OMG! AGAIN? There’s definitely something wrong with that man!” Continue reading “Living for real”